Why Green Pathway?

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Author’s Note (Apple Khan )

Hello dear readers. I have put together this book out of my earnest concern for people’s healthy life. Thus, I would like to introduce myself as a health promoter and the CEO and founder of AppleKhanFitness.com & applekhan.com and APPLE  HALAL  Restaurant.

By profession, I am a software engineer, but by passion, a black belt holder in Jeet Kune Do and Kung-Fu. To this end, I have received certification from National Academy of Sports Medicine and international Fitness Association Sports Nutritionist. Then, I decided to employ my passion for fitness and health consciousness for the greater well-being of my fellow citizens.

Now, promoting health consciousness is my hobby and I love it. I have been teaching yoga, meditation, Tai-Chi, Kung-Fu for more than twenty years, and in the course of time have also become a writer to disseminate my knowledge and experiences.

I daresay, if I may not be too bold, that I am a dreamer and have gained quite a wealth of knowledge on nutrition and physical, as well as mental exercises.

Harnessing my studies and experiences, I have developed a way of thinking and acting for everyone to learn and adapt so that they can lead a healthy and stable life. It is a fixed mindset that includes physical activities and procedures of imagining novel ways to solve problems and create values.

It is a kind of philosophy – the philosophy of following the natural way of life skirting all extravaganzas.

My mission is to inspire millions of people all over the world, particularly those who are serious about their health, to become successful through a static but productive way of thinking. This way of thinking would help form beautiful minds and a sense of commitment among themselves.

My training programme helps people determine the right foods for their bodies and learn exercises step-by-step. It is extremely easy, and in my opinion, works excellent. You would only have to follow the guidelines as provided.

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Living a healthy life is the key to happiness. Following a healthy lifestyle helps ensure that all parts of a person’s life – physical, spiritual, mental, emotional, environmental, and social – are balanced.  People need to transform their unhealthy lifestyles into healthier ones.

Unfortunately, however, many people do not know how to live in a healthy way. To begin the journey into a healthy life, people should ask themselves:  Why do I think health is important? And how to get a healthy life?

A healthy lifestyle not only helps prevent chronic diseases and long-term illnesses. Feeling good from within and properly taking care of one’s own health also leads to robust self-esteem and self-image.

One has to start doing what is right for the body through eating nutritious foods and doing proper physical exercise on a regular basis, as they are the first and notably the key steps towards building a healthy life.