Mini Magic massage waist neck abdomen

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Brief introduction of product function

A, It has an obvious effect on local weight loss. Through high-frequency vibration, express delivery burns fat.   
B, Relieve fatigue on shoulders, knees, waist, and legs.  
 C, especially for the massage of the lower abdomen, it has a significant effect on alleviating constipation   
D, The infrared irradiation function is automatically turned on when the machine is turned on to assist in the treatment of cold and pain.  
  The handheld mini smart massager can also be powered by a 5V1A USB universal power adapter. Due to the impact of transportation, this product is shipped without batteries and power adapters. The small size of the product is convenient for you to carry with you. Whether you are at home, in your private car, in your office, etc., it is a good helper to relieve fatigue at any time.