Lumbar Back Stretcher Massage relaxation and relieve

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Back Massager Stretcher Acupuncture Set Up Benches 4 Levels adjustable Portable Lumbar Pain Relief for Lower and Upper Back


  • Lumbar Back Stretcher Massager with Acupressure grants your back with the relaxation and relieve those aching muscles.

  • Multi-level design and four gear adjustments allow for the desired stretch.

  • Acupressure helps you unwind your lumbar and back tension after a long day.

  • Lightweight, easily take it with you while you travel, or just enjoy it at home and office.

    Acupuncture Set Up Benches 4 Levels adjustable Portable Stretcher Relax Lumbar Support Back MassagePain Relief Fitness Equipment

Support for:

  • Lumbar Back Pain Or Back Pain Caused Neck, head or shoulder pain

  • Lumbar Traction, Muscle Relaxation

  • Back & Spinal Decompression, Back Massage / Support.

  • Herniated, Compressed or Bulged Discs.

  • Pinched nerves Or Degeneration

  • Posture Correction, Yoga Fitness.


    Level 1: For Beginner, height from the ground-7cm

    Level 2: After adaptation, height from ground -9cm

    Level 3: Commonly used, height from ground-11cm

    Level 4: After a long time, height from ground -12cm